How much profit did your business generate last month?

Does your price capture all your business costs?

Do you know your profit margin?

If you can’t answer the above questions right away, chances are that your business is making sales which is not translating to profit (in other words, you are in busy-ness and not business!!!)

Let’s take a practical illustration.

If you sell 50 units of your product monthly at $1,000 each, and it cost you $350 per product to purchase the raw materials or buy from the manufacturer, you may assume that you are making a $650 profit on each product and may be tempted to reduce the price during a sales negotiation. However, if you take the time to capture all your costs, you may realise that other costs such as salaries, selling and administrative expenses, taxes, etc. may be taking 50% or more of your $650 profit. Now imagine if you already gave the customer a significant discount without doing this calculation… Oops! You are going to be making a loss on the sale. Ouch, that hurts!…

Pause for a second, does this describe how you run your business?

Aside your business costs, there are other fundamentals (e.g. value and brand positioning, market conditions, competitive strategy, etc.) you have to consider in figuring out the ideal price for your products and services. Then there’s all those different strategies you could implement such as payment plans, pricing levels, sales promotions, etc.

Would you like to:

  • Meet or exceed your revenue targets?
  • Remain competitive in your market by pricing your products in relation to those of competitors?
  • Retain or increase your market share?
  • Retain customer loyalty and keep your customers buying from you no matter what changes in the market?
  • Retain your image and reputation as a business that offers quality products at an appropriate price?

Then, you are in the right place

I am giving you a FREE fill-in-the-gap 18-page PROFITABLE PRICING WORKBOOK that will guide you in your business profitability journey. The workbook is in Microsoft word, so you can edit and use it as you like.

This Pricing Workbook is sold for NGN2,500/ $7 but I am offering it to you for FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME… Take advantage of this DEAL so you don’t miss out!

But what’s a Pricing Workbook, if you don’t have the accurate knowledge to use it to generate maximum profit for your business?

I have therefore created an E-BOOK – PROFITABLE PRICING FOR BUSINESSES – that will teach you a simple process for figuring out the ideal price for your products and services. Your business will never be broke again!!!

I would have offered the e-book for free as well, but because I only want the book to be in the hands of those who will appreciate the VALUE and take action with the knowledge, I decided to attach an affordable price to it (remember the saying ‘you value what you pay for’?).

See the RESULTS of other Entrepreneurs like you…

When I started out my baking business, I was trying to compete with every other product in the stores I supply. I lowered my prices with the thinking that it will make customers choose my products over the alternatives. Well, it worked sort of – I was able to supply more stores and was paid on time (since I was cheap anyways). However, I was struggling to break-even and pay my staff; I had to work round the clock as I could not afford to pay more staff to meet the demands. I was struggling and at the verge of giving up when Perpetual stepped in… She HELPED ME identify my niche/ target market, improve my products to appeal to that niche, and set profitable prices for my products. She also analysed my business numbers and suggested strategies to reduce my business costs e.g. the use of part-time staff who I pay daily based on output. The result?... I supplied less stores at first (as I had to search out new stores who serve my target market) but I BECAME PROFITABLE! And more importantly, I had time for myself and my FAMILY as I could afford all the help I required.
CEO, Khennie's Food
The business expertise and insights shared by Perpetual has helped grow my retail business. I LEARNT how to set the right prices, the different pricing tactics to adopt, and the right approach to increase my customer base. Perpetual also helped to map out a solid business structure for me to follow and since then, my business has experienced immense growth and expansion.
CEO, Smart world and Miss Belt

Get Instant Access to PROFITABLE PRICING for Businesses book + FREE Workbook

By the time you have finished working through this Book - PROFITABLE PRICING FOR BUSINESSES - and the accompanying Workbook, you will be able to:

  • Define your ideal customer through objective market research
  • Effectively research your competitors and market trends in order to set prices that will make you competitive
  • Position your product or service in your industry by defining the unique value it offers your target customer and adjusting your brand image accordingly
  • Understand a variety of pricing strategies and learn which ones work best for your products or services
  • Create a system for monitoring the results of your pricing so that you can keep it up-to-date and appropriate
  • Understand when it's good to raise or lower prices and how to use these techniques to your advantage


… The feeling of not having to worry about cash flows

… To not worry about competitors’ prices because your brand/ product positioning makes their pricing almost irrelevant

… The feeling of having money to invest in branding, promotion, or research and development projects that will grow your business even more

… To know that you an afford to pay your employees every month end, and have sufficient profit to pay yourself some dividend.


It will help you create a pricing system that will make your business start taking care of you, instead of you taking care of your business.

You owe it to yourself and posterity to check out this book.

For the price of pizza, you could make more profits for your business!!!

Who am I?

My name is Perpetual Anagha. I have helped Entrepreneurs like you maximise profits by teaching them:

  • Cash flow management & business accounting
  • Business structures & processes optimization
  • Business (growth) strategy

I am a seasoned professional with 7+ years of experience providing financial advisory services to international and indigenous companies in Nigeria. I have audited and consulted for companies listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

I currently head the Corporate finance and advisory unit in a top finance firm in Nigeria. Prior to this, I was a Manager with one of the global ‘big 4’ accounting firms. My areas of expertise include Business Analysis and Advisory, Financial planning, reporting, and management, Accounting, Business controls and processes, Corporate finance, and General business management.

I have always been intrigued on why most African indigenous businesses do not outlive their owners unlike foreign owned businesses such as Coca-Cola, Guinness, etc. In the duration of my career, I have been exposed to several indigenous and multinational companies. And one key thing that stands out is the lack of or inadequate business structures and financial processes in the indigenous companies when compared to their foreign counterparts. Also, most indigenous companies are still owner managed, where most of the business processes are centered around the owner. This explains why a lot of indigenous companies don’t outlive their owners.

This is the reason why I am passionate about teaching Business owners and aspiring Entrepreneurs how to establish the right business and financial structures in their organisations.

More feedback from Real Entrepreneurs…

Perpetual is my go to financial and business adviser. She has helped me structure my business and better manage the finances. She is very vast in knowledge and always available & willing to help, she sees things that I have not even seen and it helps me plan and avoid future losses. I and my business are better of and more profitable because of her.
CEO, Surluchi online store and Luchia travels
After having business strategy sessions with Perpetual and the Clevergeneration team, I must say the level of business insight and knowledge shared has really helped in putting my business further in the global platform. The accuracy of their financial knowledge and willingness to help see businesses improve and become better structured is topnotch.
Samson Aggreh
CEO, Kevhe Clothiers

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